Why Should We “Do” Theology?

Theology increases our knowledge of the scriptures, causes us to think, and leads to worship.

Worship, Memory, and Doubt

I spent all of last week at a wonderful place — Falls Creek youth camp in Davis, Oklahoma. The worship was led by Met Collective, whose leader is Matt Roberson. Something he told the students throughout the week was this: “He who remembers well, worships well.” Going along with this, on the final night ofContinue reading “Worship, Memory, and Doubt”

Should We Worship God and Country?

Yesterday, the United States of America celebrated its independence. This means that countless Americans spent the day poolside, grilling burgers and watching firework displays. This also means that countless churches spent the Sunday prior (July 1st) honoring both God and country in their morning worship services. But some churches did not. The approach of JulyContinue reading “Should We Worship God and Country?”