What if I’m wrong?

I think anyone who truly values knowing the truth will routinely critique their current beliefs. It is important to me to continually refine my beliefs, picking out the weak spots and making them stronger, or changing them if necessary. In the process of self-examination, a question that often is brought up is: what if I’mContinue reading “What if I’m wrong?”

An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To

Donnie Haflich dissects the problem of young people leaving Christianity perfectly and provides what I believe is a great solution. If young people have never been shown why Christianity is true, why would we expect them to remain in the faith? An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To

Does Truth Exist?

In today’s pluralistic society, you might often hear this response: “What is true for you is not true for me.” It is often spouted in response to an exclusive claim like, “Jesus is the only way to heaven.” Some people find it offensive that I would make such a claim. However, I would argue thatContinue reading “Does Truth Exist?”

Can Wise Men Believe in the Virgin Birth?

In today’s scientific era is it reasonable to believe Mary, a virgin, gave birth to the Son of God, Jesus? Well, it depends. It depends on a decision (or decisions) you’ve likely already made. My argument for the virgin birth is an argument of coherence, or an internal argument. In other words, belief in theContinue reading “Can Wise Men Believe in the Virgin Birth?”