No Real Jesus Without the Trinity

How important is it to believe in the Trinity? Some would argue that believing the right things is not what saves you. But if you get the doctrine of God wrong, how can you say we believe in the same God? This author lays out the importance of getting the Trinity right. No Real JesusContinue reading “No Real Jesus Without the Trinity”

What Do Americans Believe About the Trinity?

Last week I wrote about some interesting findings from the State of Theology research produced by Ligonier and LifeWay. Today I want to take another look at that survey, with a specific eye towards the three members of the Trinity. For an introduction and information about this research, be sure to see last Thursday’s articleContinue reading “What Do Americans Believe About the Trinity?”

Is the Trinity Biblical?

Is the Trinity biblical? Well, it depends on how you define the term “biblical.” The word Trinity is never used in the Bible, but the theological concept of God’s three-in-one-ness is clearly present. Let’s look at some examples. Creation The best place to begin is in the beginning. Genesis 1:1 begins with God and HisContinue reading “Is the Trinity Biblical?”

In Defense of the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity is perhaps one of the most confusing among Christians. Admittedly, it is easy to misunderstand and misrepresent. But forget defining the Trinity, how would one defend it to a skeptic? The evidence for the Trinity is found within the Scriptures, and the skeptic does not believe the Scriptures to beContinue reading “In Defense of the Trinity”

Jesus: The Great I Am

Who was Jesus? Some say He was a great moral teacher, some say He is Lord. But who did He claim to be? Many skeptics claim that Jesus did not claim divine status, but in this article, Ryan Leasure puts this claim to bed: Jesus: The Great I AM