Don’t Be Overcome by Statistics

There’s some ugly statistics out there concerning the church. For example, 70% of teens walk away from their faith after leaving home. Church attendance, giving, and baptisms seem to be down. What will we do? How should we respond? DON’T BE OVERCOME BY STATISTICS, OVERCOME STATISTICS WITH THE GOSPEL

No, Non-Believers are Not Increasing in America

Many Christians just assume that atheism and secularism are on the rise. Glenn T. Stanton expels this lie in this wonderful article that looks at the statistics and what they actually tell us. Many have read too much into the data and tried to say that atheism has grown significantly, even outnumbered those who believeContinue reading “No, Non-Believers are Not Increasing in America”

What is the State of Theology?

Two days ago—Tuesday, October 16th—the biennial “State of Theology” research was released. Ligonier Ministries teamed up with LifeWay Research to find out what Americans believe about certain theological topics. The research was conducted by surveying a “demographically balanced” group of 3,002 “American adults” in April 2018. The survey included thirty-four questions, notably shorter than theContinue reading “What is the State of Theology?”