Ep 7 Dr. Steven W. Smith: Recapturing the Voice of God

Dr. Steven W. Smith is the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was previously a professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of “Recapturing the Voice of God: Shaping Sermons Like Scripture” which we discussed in this episode. For “5 More Minutes” with Dr. Smith follow the PatreonContinue reading “Ep 7 Dr. Steven W. Smith: Recapturing the Voice of God”

Are You Justified?

Last week I posted some notes from a sermon I was preparing to preach. I thought it was a fun exercise, and it seemed to be well received, so I will replicate that now with my preaching notes from a sermon on Luke 18:9-14. Intro to Parables •Before we dive into the text, we needContinue reading “Are You Justified?”

Do You Desire the Word?

This coming Sunday I am going to be preaching 1 Peter 2:1-3 at my local church. As I was putting the finishing touches on my sermon notes, I thought it would be a fun exercise to share them with you. The following is an exegesis of 1 Peter 2:1-3 about desiring the “pure spiritual milk,”Continue reading “Do You Desire the Word?”