10 Proverbs to Improve Social Media

Social Media can often be a dumpster fire. Other times, it can be an amazing tool to connect with friends and family. No doubt, it brings out the worst in us at times. I’ve seen people (myself) say thing on social media they would never say in person. Here are some Proverbs that have aContinue reading “10 Proverbs to Improve Social Media”

Nihilism is Self-Defeating: Life is Valuable

Over the weekend, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about nihilism. He couldn’t see a way of avoiding nihilism as the conclusion of life, even on theism or Christianity. I tried my best to communicate that on Christianity the exact opposite of nihilism is true. Every life matters and every life hasContinue reading “Nihilism is Self-Defeating: Life is Valuable”