How Did Jesus Suffer Eternal Punishment in Only 3 Hours?

Andrew Menkis writes a good article on how Jesus’ brief time on the cross could pay for an eternity of sin. When someone objects that Jesus couldn’t have paid the price for your sins unless he goes to hell forever, ask them why. Why must Jesus go to hell forever in order to have paidContinue reading “How Did Jesus Suffer Eternal Punishment in Only 3 Hours?”

“Everyone whom the Father gives” John 6:37

I love passages of Scripture that interpret themselves. Sometimes we will read something “difficult,” or hard to understand, but the Bible itself will provide us with the correct interpretation. Perhaps, you have heard people say, “Let the Bible interpret the Bible.” The Bible Geek in me comes out when we find passages like this. IContinue reading ““Everyone whom the Father gives” John 6:37″

If Jesus died for the world’s sins, why do people still go to hell?

Well, if you believe in a limited atonement, the answer is easy: Jesus didn’t die for the world’s sins, he only died for the elect. However, if you have followed my writing, you’ll know that I am not a Calvinist and believe in an unlimited atonement, as even John Calvin did! Consider the following verses:Continue reading “If Jesus died for the world’s sins, why do people still go to hell?”

Ep 40 Which Came First: Faith or Regeneration?

Haden looks at the question Which came first: faith or regeneration? Some Calvinists tend to believe that if faith precedes regeneration then people are essentially earning their salvation. Is this true? Links Support our Ministry (Patron-Only eBook Included):

Which Came First: Faith or Regeneration? Conceptual Analysis

Yes, I’m continuing down the rabbit hole of soteriology. Primarily, because it isn’t a rabbit hole, but has real-life implications. Here’s one: A few Sundays ago, I was visiting a church in which the pastor began his sermon in John 2 and then suddenly launched into a defense of the Calvinist doctrine of “irresistible grace.”Continue reading “Which Came First: Faith or Regeneration? Conceptual Analysis”

Paul on Predestination in Ephesians 1

In 2 Peter 3:16, Peter says that Paul’s writings are “hard to understand” and that “ignorant and unstable people” distort his writings just as they do to other writings. Peter touches on a few truths here that are worth noting before interpreting Paul or any “other writings.” Paul can be difficult to understand. It’s easyContinue reading “Paul on Predestination in Ephesians 1”

Why Did You Believe? A Review of John Piper’s Irresistible Grace (Part 1)

As I mentioned last week, I have been reading through John Piper’s Five Points in which he gives a Biblical defense of the T.U.L.I.P. of Calvinism. Last week, we looked at his view of total depravity and pretty much agreed with everything he stated in that chapter. I pointed out a few points where he wasContinue reading “Why Did You Believe? A Review of John Piper’s Irresistible Grace (Part 1)”

John Piper on Total Depravity: A Review

The follower of this blog and podcast will know already that I have an infatuation with soteriology: the study of the nature of salvation. I’d say, apart from apologetics, it is the subject that interests me more than anything. Obviously, I care about a great deal of things, but a person finds themselves naturally tendingContinue reading “John Piper on Total Depravity: A Review”

Postulating a “Sin Nature” is Unnecessary

I posted a Facebook status the other day on why I don’t believe human beings are born guilty before God (probably not the best idea I’ve ever had). The notion is that because Adam sinned, we some how inherit a “sinful nature” from him, his sin is imputed to us at conception (or birth?). IContinue reading “Postulating a “Sin Nature” is Unnecessary”

More on Sovereignty and Free Will

Last week I wrote a brief post discussing the seemingly contradictory doctrines of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will. Today I want to flesh that out a little further with the help of a few books on the subject ( I would recommend both for further reading, by the way). Chosen But Free The firstContinue reading “More on Sovereignty and Free Will”