Ep 42 Leighton Flowers: Calvinism and Romans 9

Dr. Leighton Flowers is the host of the Soteriology 101 Podcast, author, professor, and director of evangelism and apologetics. He joins the show to discuss Calvinism and Romans 9. Links Bonus Segment/Support our Ministry: https://www.patreon.com/helpmebelieve Soteriology 101: https://soteriology101.com/ The Potter’s Promise: https://amzn.to/2XIBAls

Why Romans 5:12-21 Does NOT Say We Are Born Guilty

Yes, I’m returning to this topic. Last time, I ended up receiving a well thought-out response that I much appreciated from a reader. For those unfamiliar, I reject the idea that humanity is born guilty before God because of what Adam and Eve did in the Garden. Some have said that we inherit a “sinContinue reading “Why Romans 5:12-21 Does NOT Say We Are Born Guilty”