Is Jesus’ prediction of the Temple destruction a good way to date the Gospels?

It is no secret that Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of the Temple is the driving force of the dating of the Gospels. There may be other factors that scholars consider, but this one data point seems to be the rudder guiding the ship. The argument goes, more or less, that the author of MarkContinue reading “Is Jesus’ prediction of the Temple destruction a good way to date the Gospels?”

Fulfilled Prophecy or Fish Story?

So, I was just tweeting about this the other day. Did Jonah die in the belly of the fish? Did God bring him back to life to go preach good news to the Gentiles? If this is the case, Jesus’ reference to “the sign of Jonah” makes a bit more sense. Erik does a goodContinue reading “Fulfilled Prophecy or Fish Story?”

How Should I Interpret the Book of Revelation?

I think it goes without saying that no book in the Bible has been subject to a more varied interpretation than the sixty-sixth one: Revelation. Those in Christian circles either love it, or fear it. They either read it all the time, or not at all. But those who have read it (including myself), orContinue reading “How Should I Interpret the Book of Revelation?”

Eschatological Confusion

In the Greek language, the word eschatos means “last.” Hence the theological field known as “eschatology” refers to the study of last things, or the study of the end of time. Now there are many theological issues that create debate, but there is no bigger debate than when it comes to eschatology. As a Christian,Continue reading “Eschatological Confusion”