Paul on Predestination in Ephesians 1

In 2 Peter 3:16, Peter says that Paul’s writings are “hard to understand” and that “ignorant and unstable people” distort his writings just as they do to other writings. Peter touches on a few truths here that are worth noting before interpreting Paul or any “other writings.” Paul can be difficult to understand. It’s easyContinue reading “Paul on Predestination in Ephesians 1”

Does Divine Foreknowledge Preclude Human Freedom?

Everybody’s favorite subject: God’s sovereignty and man’s freewill! Cameron Bertuzzi makes a good case that God’s foreknowledge does not preclude man’s freewill. Does Divine Foreknowledge Preclude Human Freedom?

A Reasoned Critique of My 1 Samuel 23 Post

A reader of the blog, who I know only as “Kristafal’s Musings” recently wrote a critique of my take on 1 Samuel 23. I thought the response was well written and in good faith. Although I would still disagree with the response, I don’t find it necessary to write a full response in turn. IContinue reading “A Reasoned Critique of My 1 Samuel 23 Post”

Ep 18 1 Samuel 23: God’s Foreknowledge and Predestination vs. Man’s Freewill

  Haden looks at an often forgotten passage when it comes to God’s foreknowledge, predestination, and man’s freewill. Support our Ministry: Podcast: Blog:

Are We Really Free to Choose?

The intricate relationship between God’s sovereignty and man’s free will is an age-old debate. The question applies specifically to salvation, but to other areas of life as well. Has God predetermined who will and will not be saved? Or does each individual human being make their own choice to believe or not to believe? OnContinue reading “Are We Really Free to Choose?”