Is Religious Experience Just Brain Activity?

Dr. Sharon Dirckx, PhD in brain imaging, explains why scanning brain activity during prayer and meditation doesn’t prove anything other than the brain is active during these times. Some atheists have reached the silly conclusion that because we know what areas of the brain are active at times of prayer, therefore religion is a madeContinue reading “Is Religious Experience Just Brain Activity?”

Apologetics: The Vest That Stops Bullets

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Detective J. Warner Wallace for episode two of my podcast. In the episode, we talked about detective stories, his conversion from atheism to Christianity, and the reliability of the Gospels.   One portion of the podcast that stuck out to me involved a detective story that illustrates theContinue reading “Apologetics: The Vest That Stops Bullets”

Committed Christians Are Now a Minority and Kids Need to Know It

Natasha Crain explains how committed Christians are now a minority and how this should affect the way we teach our children. “Committed Christians Are Now a Minority and Kids Need to Know It” Natasha Crain

More on Sovereignty and Free Will

Last week I wrote a brief post discussing the seemingly contradictory doctrines of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will. Today I want to flesh that out a little further with the help of a few books on the subject ( I would recommend both for further reading, by the way). Chosen But Free The firstContinue reading “More on Sovereignty and Free Will”

Why the Church Needs Lay Apologists

Apologetics is an area of study that is of growing interest to Christians in general and particularly young Christians. Don’t waste your time debating internet trolls, the Church needs you. “If You’re a Lay Apologist, I Hope You’ll Heed This Call” Joe Carter