What about the miracle claims of other religions?

Why do you believe the miracle claims of Christianity and not other religions? Isn’t this special pleading? Skeptics pretend that if we accept some miracle claims as valid, that we must suddenly accept them all. But as Erik Manning points out in this article that is a ridiculous idea. What about the miracle claims ofContinue reading “What about the miracle claims of other religions?”

No, miracles do not violate the laws of nature

David Hume made a famous argument against miracles. Little known, some of his contemporaries refuted him. Better known, C.S. Lewis took him to task in his book miracles. Erik Manning, in this article, does a good job of laying out the issue and providing an answer. No, miracles do not violate the laws of nature

Science increasingly makes the case for God

One of my favorite authors, Eric Metaxas, lays out an argument for God from the fine-tuning of the universe. If you haven’t read his book Miracles, I highly recommend it. Remember: as our knowledge of the universe increases, the case for God only grows stronger. Science Increasingly Makes the case for God

How do we explain talking donkeys and burning bushes?

In our contemporary scientific era, many find it hard to believe, or scoff at, the idea of miracles. Furthermore, some miracles seem to be less believable than others, like a talking snake or donkey. How do we know these things happened? Is it bad that I sometimes doubt them? How do we explain talking donkeysContinue reading “How do we explain talking donkeys and burning bushes?”

What About the Miracles of Other Religions?

Erik Manning, taking his cue from a great old book, explains the historical test for the validity of a miracle. He then asks what about other religions’ miracle claims? They don’t pass the test. What About the Miracles of Other Religions?

Looking for God in Nature

Dr. Michael G. Strauss discusses how we should understand God’s action in nature. Have physical descriptions of the universe thwarted the need for God as an explanation? What is the God-of-the-gaps? Dr. Strauss argues that we can see the hand of God in every day activity. “Looking for God in Nature” – Dr. Michael G.Continue reading “Looking for God in Nature”

5 Historical Facts Surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection [Video]

Is there any evidence that Jesus rose from the dead? The minimal facts approach, adopted from Gary Habermas, states that there are 5 historical facts accepted by almost every New Testament historian – whether skeptic or believer – that are most reasonably explained by a resurrection.