What about the miracle claims of other religions?

Why do you believe the miracle claims of Christianity and not other religions? Isn’t this special pleading? Skeptics pretend that if we accept some miracle claims as valid, that we must suddenly accept them all. But as Erik Manning points out in this article that is a ridiculous idea. What about the miracle claims ofContinue reading “What about the miracle claims of other religions?”

History and the Resurrection

If I’m not reading, there’s a good chance that I’m listening to, or watching, a debate or lecture. In almost all the debates I’ve watched on the Resurrection, at some point during the debate, without fail, someone will say something to the effect of, “History cannot prove a miracle.” As Bart Ehrman says in allContinue reading “History and the Resurrection”

No, miracles do not violate the laws of nature

David Hume made a famous argument against miracles. Little known, some of his contemporaries refuted him. Better known, C.S. Lewis took him to task in his book miracles. Erik Manning, in this article, does a good job of laying out the issue and providing an answer. No, miracles do not violate the laws of nature