Richard Carrier vs Paul on the Lord’s Supper

Dr. Richard Carrier is the well known champion of Jesus Mythicism–the position that Jesus was originally conceived as a celestial being (by Paul), but only later become historicized by the Gospel authors and later Christians. As you can tell, a core tenant of Jesus Mythicism is that the letters of Paul do not attest toContinue reading “Richard Carrier vs Paul on the Lord’s Supper”

How is Jesus Present at His Supper?

I am a far cry from a polished historical theologian, but looking back into the history of the church and how it understood various doctrines is always a helpful exercise. Most have certainly heard of and have at least a slight understanding of the sixteenth century Reformation, when a group of believers protested against theContinue reading “How is Jesus Present at His Supper?”

Worship, Memory, and Doubt

I spent all of last week at a wonderful place — Falls Creek youth camp in Davis, Oklahoma. The worship was led by Met Collective, whose leader is Matt Roberson. Something he told the students throughout the week was this: “He who remembers well, worships well.” Going along with this, on the final night ofContinue reading “Worship, Memory, and Doubt”

What is the Lord’s Supper?

Two weeks ago we began a study of the local church. If you missed the first two posts, you can check them out here and here. Today we turn our attention to the second of the two ordinances given to the church by Jesus—the Lord’s Supper. In his book Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches, JohnContinue reading “What is the Lord’s Supper?”