Ep 9 Do Christians Brainwash Their Kids?

Richard Dawkins and other atheists have claimed that Christians brainwash, or indoctrinate their children. Is this true? Of course, not. It is empirically false and misrepresents the motivation for teaching the truth of God’s Word to our kiddos. To watch the bonus segment, follow the Patreon link below! Support us on Patreon Podcast Article thatContinue reading “Ep 9 Do Christians Brainwash Their Kids?”

Is Raising Children with Religion Child Abuse?

Richard Dawkins has often touted that indoctrinating children with religion is not just equal to, but worse than child abuse. Not only is he being vitriolic, he is flat wrong in the face of evidence. I thought he was a man of reason and science? The evidence suggests children are far better off being raisedContinue reading “Is Raising Children with Religion Child Abuse?”

Do Christians Indoctrinate Their Children?

A common accusation made against Christians by skeptics is that we indoctrinate our children. Not only is the skeptic making this accusation, but also making a judgment that it is morally wrong. So what is indoctrination, do Christians indoctrinate, and can an atheist object on moral grounds? What is Indoctrination? To indoctrinate someone, or aContinue reading “Do Christians Indoctrinate Their Children?”