A Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? Here is a fairly comprehensive Biblical Theology (explanation in article) of the Holy Spirit: A Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit | Andreas Kostenberger If you benefit from Help Me Believe, consider supporting our ministry for as little as $1. 

In Defense of the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity is perhaps one of the most confusing among Christians. Admittedly, it is easy to misunderstand and misrepresent. But forget defining the Trinity, how would one defend it to a skeptic? The evidence for the Trinity is found within the Scriptures, and the skeptic does not believe the Scriptures to beContinue reading “In Defense of the Trinity”

The Resurrection and the Authority of the Bible

Is the Bible God’s word? How in the world could you possibly know such a thing? It is often touted that even if God exists, you would be a lunatic to think He has spoken to you, or that you know what His will is. Is this so, or can we know that the BibleContinue reading “The Resurrection and the Authority of the Bible”