The Atonement and Rethinking Hell

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Date from Rethinking Hell on the Help Me Believe Podcast. Chris is a Reformed (Calvinist) theologian that holds to a conditionalist view of hell. This view, also known as annihilationism, holds that unbelievers will not spend eternity in eternal torment, but will cease to exist after theContinue reading “The Atonement and Rethinking Hell”

The Theology of Genesis 1-11

The first eleven chapters of Genesis set the scene for the entire Biblical narrative. It would be hard to overstate the importance of rightly understanding these chapters. Kevin Hall provides a concise theological framework for reading and understanding these chapters. The Theology of Genesis 1-11

Did Moses author the Pentateuch?

Sheri Bell lays out the evidence for Moses as the author of the first five books of the Bible. Seems to me that Moses wrote the majority of the text with later addendums. The idea of Genesis 1-11 being a later addition seems plausible as well. Did Moses author the Pentateuch? | Sheri Bell

Postulating a “Sin Nature” is Unnecessary

I posted a Facebook status the other day on why I don’t believe human beings are born guilty before God (probably not the best idea I’ve ever had). The notion is that because Adam sinned, we some how inherit a “sinful nature” from him, his sin is imputed to us at conception (or birth?). IContinue reading “Postulating a “Sin Nature” is Unnecessary”

Ep 17 Genesis 1:1 and Science

  Haden discusses the historical-grammatical approach to understanding the Biblical text. In light of this approach, can we understand Genesis, or any Biblical passage, to have applications for modern science? Support our Ministry: Podcast: Blog:

Is Genesis History?

Here is a good critique of Young Earth Creationism I stumbled upon. Many of the young earth arguments are based on logical fallacies. Luke Nix points out many that are commonly used: Is Genesis History? | Luke Nix If you benefit from Help Me Believe, consider supporting us for as little as $1/month by clickingContinue reading “Is Genesis History?”

Noah’s Flood and the Epic of Gilgamesh

After posting about the Mithras Mythology, someone asked me for an article on the Epic of Gilgamesh. Here is one that I read: Tell me what you think!