Does Divine Foreknowledge Preclude Human Freedom?

Everybody’s favorite subject: God’s sovereignty and man’s freewill! Cameron Bertuzzi makes a good case that God’s foreknowledge does not preclude man’s freewill. Does Divine Foreknowledge Preclude Human Freedom?

A Reasoned Critique of My 1 Samuel 23 Post

A reader of the blog, who I know only as “Kristafal’s Musings” recently wrote a critique of my take on 1 Samuel 23. I thought the response was well written and in good faith. Although I would still disagree with the response, I don’t find it necessary to write a full response in turn. IContinue reading “A Reasoned Critique of My 1 Samuel 23 Post”

Ep 18 1 Samuel 23: God’s Foreknowledge and Predestination vs. Man’s Freewill

  Haden looks at an often forgotten passage when it comes to God’s foreknowledge, predestination, and man’s freewill. Support our Ministry: Podcast: Blog:

More on Sovereignty and Free Will

Last week I wrote a brief post discussing the seemingly contradictory doctrines of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will. Today I want to flesh that out a little further with the help of a few books on the subject ( I would recommend both for further reading, by the way). Chosen But Free The firstContinue reading “More on Sovereignty and Free Will”