Did Moses author the Pentateuch?

Sheri Bell lays out the evidence for Moses as the author of the first five books of the Bible. Seems to me that Moses wrote the majority of the text with later addendums. The idea of Genesis 1-11 being a later addition seems plausible as well. Did Moses author the Pentateuch? | Sheri Bell

The Historicity of the Exodus

Here is an article that lays out some evidence for the late date of the Exodus. I agree that there is evidence for an Exodus, and I also tend toward the late date. However, for a good podcast on both the early and late dates, I suggest to you The Naked Bible Podcast’s Exodus seriesContinue reading “The Historicity of the Exodus”

Jesus: The Great I Am

Who was Jesus? Some say He was a great moral teacher, some say He is Lord. But who did He claim to be? Many skeptics claim that Jesus did not claim divine status, but in this article, Ryan Leasure puts this claim to bed: Jesus: The Great I AM  

The God Who Answers Skeptics

I am scheduled to preach a sermon at the end of July and I have been studying Exodus chapters three and four in preparation. I love the story of Exodus and often turn there when asked to preach. In chapter three, we see our protagonist, Moses, admit some of his own flaws and express hisContinue reading “The God Who Answers Skeptics”