Believing Thomas

Nearly every day a Christian will write me telling me that “faith is blind” and that we don’t need evidence and reason. Despite an entire Bible to the contrary, they will cite the “doubting Thomas” passage where Jesus says “those who have not seen, yet believe, are blessed” as if this supports their unreasonable position.Continue reading “Believing Thomas”

The Deadly Atheist Meme Even Christians Get Wrong

Many atheists and even many Christians think that “faith” is blindly trusting in someone/something despite the evidence. Neither group gets this from the Bible. Atheists say it because it makes Christians sound anti-intellectual, and some Christians say it because they are anti-intellectual. Both are wrong. The Deadly Atheist Meme Even Christians Get Wrong

Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

William Lane Craig gives a brief historical analysis of scholarship on the historicity of the Resurrection. He then gives a thorough defense of the historical evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection. The more we learn and advance, the stronger the case for God, Jesus, and the Bible becomes. Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the ResurrectionContinue reading “Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

The Case for the Reliability of the Old Testament

When we think of the reliability of the Bible, most evidence given is for the New Testament. But what about the Old Testament? J. Warner Wallace gives some good sources to study the reliability of the Old Testament. The Case for the Reliability of the Old Testament

An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To

Donnie Haflich dissects the problem of young people leaving Christianity perfectly and provides what I believe is a great solution. If young people have never been shown why Christianity is true, why would we expect them to remain in the faith? An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To

Is Apologetics Anti-Faith?

There are some Christians who fear that apologetics actually undermines the biblical notion of “faith.” They think that evidence and reason are at odds with faith. In other words, they believe faith is blind and that it is virtuous to believe without evidence, therefore providing evidence is not virtuous. This idea could not be furtherContinue reading “Is Apologetics Anti-Faith?”

Is History Knowable? Implications for Christianity

Some of our skeptical friends tend to apply an odd methodology when claiming “Jesus wasn’t a real historical figure.” Under normal circumstances, you would never deny the existence of a historical figure that was supported by as much evidence as Jesus is. But because it’s Jesus, the evidence doesn’t seem to matter to some. Nonetheless,Continue reading “Is History Knowable? Implications for Christianity”

“5 Reasons I Admire Atheists” by a Christian

In the process of engaging skeptics with the evidence for Christian theism, I have met, spoken with, and learned from many wonderful people with whom I disagree with in a fundamental way. The political atmosphere of the United States has created such a divided and polarized country, one wonders if there is any room forContinue reading ““5 Reasons I Admire Atheists” by a Christian”

Why I Stopped Trying to ‘Have More Faith’

In doing apologetics — attempting to provide a rational basis for Christian doctrine — one comes across Christian anti-intellectualism from time-to-time. With good intentions, these sort of folks trot out the usual responses like, “We don’t need reason, we just need faith.” Christian anti-intellectualism, more or less, views reason as the enemy of faith. AfterContinue reading “Why I Stopped Trying to ‘Have More Faith’”