Three Ways to Ignite Your Teenager’s Passion for God

J. Warner Wallace writes, “the biggest challenge to “theism” may not actually be “atheism.” Instead, the biggest threat to the future of the Church may be ‘apatheism.’” The many Christians that are apathetic about their faith are far more dangerous to the church than any evangelistic atheist. Apathy can be seen most clearly in teenagers.Continue reading “Three Ways to Ignite Your Teenager’s Passion for God”

Stop Offering Truth Too Quickly

Sean McDowell offers some practical advice when it comes to sharing truth, or answering questions. I just happened to be reading through the parables in Mark myself when I came across this blog. Jesus’ parables offer some insight on how to teach/answer questions. Stop Offering Truth Too Quickly

Ep 41 Hillary Morgan Ferrer: Mama Bear Apologetics

Founder of Mama Bear Apologetics and author of Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies, Hillary Morgan Ferrer, joins the show to discuss the book and give advice to moms on how to train children up in apologetics. Links Support our Ministry (Patron-Only eBook Included): Mama Bear Apologetics Book: MamaContinue reading “Ep 41 Hillary Morgan Ferrer: Mama Bear Apologetics”

Ep 36 J. Warner Wallace: So the Next Generation Will Know

Detective J. Warner Wallace joins the show once again to discuss his new book, So the Next Generation Will Know, which he co-authored with Sean McDowell. To watch the bonus segment, “5 More Minutes with J. Warner Wallace,” follow the Patreon link below and become a supporter of our ministry. Links Support our Ministry (Patron-OnlyContinue reading “Ep 36 J. Warner Wallace: So the Next Generation Will Know”

How to Use Apologetics for Your Family’s Growth

Amanda Fischer writes a great article, as always, on how to use apologetics to cultivate your family’s growth in faith. If apologetics never “infiltrates” the home, if apologetics is never taught by parents, it will never succeed. This is a great template to follow. How to Use Apologetics for Your Family’s Growth