Even Science Needs More than Science to Work Properly

It’s no secret that people today worship science. If you can show that “science” is on your side, you can add 100 bonus points to your cause. However, this emphasis on what is scientifically true is probably waning, given the post-truth culture that is forming. At any rate, this is a good article which explainsContinue reading “Even Science Needs More than Science to Work Properly”

When God Created Space, Where Did He Put It?

Tom Gilson, editor at The Stream, writes about what it is like for God to exist outside of time and space. There are things about God that are beyond our comprehension, but if God exists, we should expect this to be the case. When God Created Space, Where Did He Put It?

The Theology of Genesis 1-11

The first eleven chapters of Genesis set the scene for the entire Biblical narrative. It would be hard to overstate the importance of rightly understanding these chapters. Kevin Hall provides a concise theological framework for reading and understanding these chapters. The Theology of Genesis 1-11

Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe With a Beginning?

J. Warner Wallace explains the theories that have been proposed to salvage an eternally-past universe, that is a universe without a beginning. If atheists can somehow salvage a universe without a beginning, they can take away a strong inference to God. However, their desperation has led to some silly theories, which have been put toContinue reading “Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe With a Beginning?”

Does God Exist? The Kalam Cosmological Argument

Does God exist? Some say that we can discard belief in God and the supernatural due to our ever expanding scientific knowledge. It is almost taken for granted that science and religion are at odds. What if I told you that the more we learn about the universe, the stronger the case for God becomes?Continue reading “Does God Exist? The Kalam Cosmological Argument”

Postulating a “Sin Nature” is Unnecessary

I posted a Facebook status the other day on why I don’t believe human beings are born guilty before God (probably not the best idea I’ve ever had). The notion is that because Adam sinned, we some how inherit a “sinful nature” from him, his sin is imputed to us at conception (or birth?). IContinue reading “Postulating a “Sin Nature” is Unnecessary”

Evidence for God – The Teleological Argument, Part 1

Rev. Preston Davis discusses a few teleological arguments for the existence of God. The fine-tuning of the universe is a strong argument for the existence of God. Evidence for God – The Teleological Argument, Part 1 | Rev. Preston Davis If you benefit from Help Me Believe, consider supporting us for as little as $1Continue reading “Evidence for God – The Teleological Argument, Part 1”

Ep 17 Genesis 1:1 and Science

  Haden discusses the historical-grammatical approach to understanding the Biblical text. In light of this approach, can we understand Genesis, or any Biblical passage, to have applications for modern science? Support our Ministry: https://helpmebelieveblog.com/support/ Podcast: https://helpmebelieveblog.com/podcast-2/ Blog: https://helpmebelieveblog.com/

Is Genesis History?

Here is a good critique of Young Earth Creationism I stumbled upon. Many of the young earth arguments are based on logical fallacies. Luke Nix points out many that are commonly used: Is Genesis History? | Luke Nix If you benefit from Help Me Believe, consider supporting us for as little as $1/month by clickingContinue reading “Is Genesis History?”

The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory

Dr. Ray Bohlin explains five major problems facing evolutionary theory today. Many biologists have grossly overstated confidence in the evidence. A closer look reveals a total lack of evidence in support of the theory. Dr. Bohlin explains: The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory | Dr. Ray Bohlin Support Help Me Believe