3 Intelligent Atheists Who Became Christians Because of the Moral Argument

Erik Manning provides an explanation of the Moral Argument for the existence of God and then gives specific examples of how effective this argument is among atheists. What an encouraging article. I love to hear conversion stories. I’ve always thought the moral argument might be the weakest of the arguments for the existence of God,Continue reading “3 Intelligent Atheists Who Became Christians Because of the Moral Argument”

Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial): From Atheism to Christianity

Lauren Chen, a.k.a. Roaming Millennial, political commentator and host of Uncensored on CRTV, discusses her journey from being raised nominally Catholic, turning to atheism after reading Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”, and back to an Evangelical Christian faith after reading Plato and Aristotle. What a journey! Watch “5 More Minutes” with Lauren Chen by supportingContinue reading “Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial): From Atheism to Christianity”