Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines

It is no secret that we live in a culture that is deeply divided. As it stands, we are polarized to the extreme in our social and political views. This polarization has led to some pretty unfortunate methods of conversation. In years past, when you debated someone you would have to first restate your opponent’sContinue reading “Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines”

The Lost Art of Thoughtfulness: Dismissing Ideas Because We Fear Them

My friend, Dr. Travis Dickinson, provides a great explanation as to why being thoughtful and not immediately dismissive or emotional in the face of an objection is virtuous. Our conversations, whether political or religious, would benefit greatly from heeding this advice. The Lost Art of Thoughtfulness | Dr. Travis Dickinson

One Game-Changing Tip for Responding to Skeptics

Timothy Fox explains a tactical approach to responding to skeptics’ objections. Why go on the defense when you can go on the offense? “One Game-Changing Tip for Responding to Skeptics” – Timothy Fox Support Help Me Believe