How Bart Ehrman turns differences into contradictions

This was a good post from Erik Manning. I’ve long wanted to write something along the same lines. Now I don’t have to! Many skeptics will claim that the Bible contains “contradictions,” but their examples are usually just “differences.” In case you didn’t know, a “difference” and a “contradiction” are not the same thing. HowContinue reading “How Bart Ehrman turns differences into contradictions”

The Difference Between Mystery and Contradiction in Theology

Ken from “Reflections by Ken” illuminates the difference between mystery and contradiction. Just because certain doctrines within Christianity (like the nature of Jesus) are mysterious does not necessarily mean they are logical contradictions. Ken explains what a contradiction is and why it doesn’t apply to the mysterious nature of some Christian doctrines. The Difference BetweenContinue reading “The Difference Between Mystery and Contradiction in Theology”

Bible Contradiction? When (at what time of day) was Jesus Crucified?

This was a very well researched and written article on whether or not there is a Biblical contradiction concerning the time of day Jesus was crucified.