The Atonement and Rethinking Hell

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Date from Rethinking Hell on the Help Me Believe Podcast. Chris is a Reformed (Calvinist) theologian that holds to a conditionalist view of hell. This view, also known as annihilationism, holds that unbelievers will not spend eternity in eternal torment, but will cease to exist after theContinue reading “The Atonement and Rethinking Hell”

10 Reasons to Accept the Resurrection of Jesus as a Historical Fact

Brian Chilton from Bellator Christi lays out ten evidences in favor of the historicity of the Resurrection. The evidence for Jesus and his resurrection is well-attested. 10 Reasons to Accept the Resurrection

“Everyone whom the Father gives” John 6:37

I love passages of Scripture that interpret themselves. Sometimes we will read something “difficult,” or hard to understand, but the Bible itself will provide us with the correct interpretation. Perhaps, you have heard people say, “Let the Bible interpret the Bible.” The Bible Geek in me comes out when we find passages like this. IContinue reading ““Everyone whom the Father gives” John 6:37″

The Nazareth Inscription: Did You Know Caesar Outlawed Grave Robbing After the Resurrection?

Arthur Khachatryan gives a good explanation of what the Nazareth Inscription is, what time period it probably belongs to, and what the possible implications of the inscription are. This was a good article. It didn’t try to stretch the evidence too far. The Nazareth Inscription: Did You Know Caesar Outlawed Grave Robbing After the Resurrection?

Purity Culture: Don’t Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater

Sean McDowell gives a reasoned response to the current conversation around “purity culture”. The purity movement of the 90s and early 2000s seems to have had some negative, unforeseen consequences. This can be admitted and lamented while maintaining that a Biblical sexual ethic is still worth defending. We just have to go about it inContinue reading “Purity Culture: Don’t Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater”

Why Believe the Bible?

How do you know the Bible is God’s word? Even if the history recorded in the Bible checks out, how do you know the miracles recorded actually happened? Here’s a great article by Dr. Doug Potter from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Why Believe the Bible? | Dr. Doug Potter

One Main Reason Why the New Testament is Not Corrupt

This was a good article on why you can trust that the Bible translation you have is based on the original and can be reproduced with high degree of probability. Also there is an argument for historical reliability. The bibliography at the end is a good place to read further on the subject. One MainContinue reading “One Main Reason Why the New Testament is Not Corrupt”

No Real Jesus Without the Trinity

How important is it to believe in the Trinity? Some would argue that believing the right things is not what saves you. But if you get the doctrine of God wrong, how can you say we believe in the same God? This author lays out the importance of getting the Trinity right. No Real JesusContinue reading “No Real Jesus Without the Trinity”

Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Obvious?

Tom Gilson from The Stream writes about the problem of divine hiddenness. If God wants us to believe in Him, why doesn’t he make himself obvious? Tom gives a great explanation to what God really wants and what people mean when they ask this question. Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Obvious?

The Apologetics of Paul

One of the first apologists: The Apostle Paul. What can we learn from him? Paul travelled the known world defending and testifying to the Resurrection of Jesus. He preached Christ crucified both to Jews and to Gentiles. There is much that we can learn from him. A Look at the Apologetics of Paul