Why Does God Allow Evil? [Booklet]

Over the weekend I published the latest installment of my booklet series on Amazon, “Why Does God Allow Evil? 5 Responses to the Problem of Evil.” The e-booklet is available exclusively on Amazon for only .99! Get a copy, leave a review, and share with a friend. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! https://read.amazon.com/kp/card?asin=B07PG4YVPY&preview=inline&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_2ZKHCbYF046XC

Book Launch: Does God Exist? (Free Copy)

Hey guys, I did a silent launch of my first e-Booklet (if that’s a thing), “Does God Exist?” It is only about 20 pages in length and I briefly detail 8 common arguments for the existence of God. It is currently .99 cents, but I will send you a free copy in exchange for anContinue reading “Book Launch: Does God Exist? (Free Copy)”