Why One-Third of Biologists Now Question Darwinism

Benjamin Dierker explains the growing skepticism within biology toward the traditional understanding of Darwinism. The theory remains in crisis as our understanding of molecular biology has rapidly increased. Michael Behe estimates one-third of biologists doubt darwinism’s ability to account for the complexity we see. Why One-Third of Biologists Now Question Darwinism

The Odds of a Cell Forming Randomly by Chance Alone

Mark Goodnight walks us through a portion of Stephen Meyer’s book, Signature in the Cell. Pulling from Dr. Meyer and Dr. Douglas Axe, Mark shows the virtual impossibility of a cell forming by chance, or random processes. Design is unavoidable. The Odds of a Cell Forming Randomly by Chance Alone

The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory

Dr. Ray Bohlin explains five major problems facing evolutionary theory today. Many biologists have grossly overstated confidence in the evidence. A closer look reveals a total lack of evidence in support of the theory. Dr. Bohlin explains: The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory | Dr. Ray Bohlin Support Help Me Believe