How Bart Ehrman turns differences into contradictions

This was a good post from Erik Manning. I’ve long wanted to write something along the same lines. Now I don’t have to! Many skeptics will claim that the Bible contains “contradictions,” but their examples are usually just “differences.” In case you didn’t know, a “difference” and a “contradiction” are not the same thing. HowContinue reading “How Bart Ehrman turns differences into contradictions”

Are the Gospels Anonymous?

In his best-selling book, How Jesus Became God, Bart Ehrman outlines his case that the Gospels were originally anonymous. First, the Gospels were written without any attached names. So, the titles you see at the top of your Gospels (“The Gospel of Matthew”) were not there originally. Second, the Gospels then circulated for about aContinue reading “Are the Gospels Anonymous?”

Bart Ehrman and the Scapegoat of Intellectual Objections

Last week I interviewed Austin Gentry for the Help Me Believe Podcast about his new book “10 Things Every Christian Should Know for College.” We discussed many relevant and important topics, but one stood out to me. Austin tells the story of how he went to UNC Chapel Hill where famous New Testament critic, Bart Ehrman,Continue reading “Bart Ehrman and the Scapegoat of Intellectual Objections”