The Atonement and Rethinking Hell

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Date from Rethinking Hell on the Help Me Believe Podcast. Chris is a Reformed (Calvinist) theologian that holds to a conditionalist view of hell. This view, also known as annihilationism, holds that unbelievers will not spend eternity in eternal torment, but will cease to exist after theContinue reading “The Atonement and Rethinking Hell”

How Did Jesus Suffer Eternal Punishment in Only 3 Hours?

Andrew Menkis writes a good article on how Jesus’ brief time on the cross could pay for an eternity of sin. When someone objects that Jesus couldn’t have paid the price for your sins unless he goes to hell forever, ask them why. Why must Jesus go to hell forever in order to have paidContinue reading “How Did Jesus Suffer Eternal Punishment in Only 3 Hours?”

Ep 19 Dr. David Allen: The Extent of the Atonement (For Whose Sins Did Jesus Die?)

  In this episode, Haden talks to Dr. David Allen, Dean of the School of Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, about his book The Extent of the Atonement: A Historical and Critical Review. For whose sins did Jesus die? Did Jesus die for the sins of the elect only, or the whole world? SupportContinue reading “Ep 19 Dr. David Allen: The Extent of the Atonement (For Whose Sins Did Jesus Die?)”

Did Christ Die in My Place?

In last Thursday’s post we discussed the meaning of atonement and looked at two proposed theories. As Easter quickly approaches, we will continue with the same theme this week. First we will look at another popular theory that, while not completely incorrect, does not do the atonement complete justice. Then, we will survey the theoryContinue reading “Did Christ Die in My Place?”

Why Did Jesus Die?

In preparation for Easter, which is quickly approaching, Haden has begun to examine and debunk several theories regarding Jesus’s death (or supposed lack there of). In conjunction with this, I would like to walk us through some of the theories surrounding the atonement. First, we must define what we mean by atonement. Atonement has toContinue reading “Why Did Jesus Die?”