5 Tips for Talking with Skeptics

Talking with someone who is objecting to your Christian beliefs can be intimidating. We fear that we won’t be able to adequately answer the person’s objections and will look like a fool. The intimidation and fear that a Christian feels is not unique. It is not as if Christians alone feel this way. Anyone whoseContinue reading “5 Tips for Talking with Skeptics”

The Gospel of ‘Meh’: The Danger of Apatheism

Erik Manning describes how a large number of people are apathetic to the question of God, or religion. They just don’t care. In my own experience, I believe this is true. How do we motivate people that simply don’t care? The Gospel of ‘Meh’: Why apatheism is more dangerous to the Christian faith than atheismContinue reading “The Gospel of ‘Meh’: The Danger of Apatheism”

Why Russell’s Teapot Fails

This article by Nate Sala explores Bertrand Russell’s analogy of a floating teapot in space, Richard Dawkins’ extension of that analogy, and the burden of proof. Leave your thoughts! Why Russell’s Teapot Fails