How to Shield Your Kids from Toxic Internet Atheism

There’s a lot of trash on the internet. My critics are thinking, “Like your website.” Touché. Imagine being a young Christian that hasn’t had their faith challenged and you stumble across an internet atheist article where the author is condescending and mocking. “Religious people are idiots and deserve to be mocked.” This was the anthem of the failed New Atheists. This can be intimidating to a young Christian. Tom Gilson gives advice on to help your kiddos:

How to Shield Your Kids from Toxic Internet Atheism

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2 thoughts on “How to Shield Your Kids from Toxic Internet Atheism

  1. For combating the New Atheists, I highly recommend reading Inside the Atheist Mind by Anthony DeStefano. He really tears them to shreds by exposing them as bullies who follow a belief system which has maximized human misery wherever it’s gained power. Just look at the French Revolution, various Socialist Revolutions, and Communist states. On the other hand, Christians created science and the advances in human rights and dignity which gave birth to the modern world.

    But, the best defense against the New Atheists’ mockery is simply to thoroughly educate one’s children in theology, philosophy, history, art, and literature so that they see the logical coherence of Christianity and all of the good it has produced. Also, to read biographies of the saints and other faithful Christians to show the grace Christ imparts to his followers. The New Atheists’ mockery rings hollow against that education and an upbringing in the Faith.


  2. I don’t think you should try to protect your kids from it, to be honest. The problem with internet is that the “I’m right, you are wrong” or the “I am smart and you are stupid” mentality is pervasive everywhere online, not just in religion. I think the key is to teach your kids that internet fights are mostly a waste of time and not to be taken too seriously – because people who hide behind internet comments are really not that courageous, and are (apparently) not ready for an actual, insightful discussion about beliefs.

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