You Can’t Argue Someone into the Kingdom. Really?

There are some people who think they are better than everyone. These people will sometimes reply to Christians interested in apologetics with “You can’t argue someone into the kingdom.” Really? Wow, Jeff, you’re so holy, good job. This is a dumb reply and Stephen J. Bedard shows why in this article.

You Can’t Argue Someone into the Kingdom. Really?

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Argue Someone into the Kingdom. Really?

  1. The article was lite. You should argue people toward the kingdom. This Idea that any argument a Atheist has is a sign you should stop is a lie. Its not about winning but it is about casting down every argument that sets itself up against God.
    Our weapons of our warfare are not carnal, and they are not hoaky either some sort of I pray this evil off you. Nope. It simply means what it says. Arguments and Psychological issues and belief systems and lusts and hate etc. are arguments.
    An argument simply I want this or I believe this rather than God. It causes people to avoid the gospel. We absolutely should be out destroying these arguments. And yes some times there is some miracle that happens but almost never.

    Most success happens when you are in a Sunday school room and you have a clean slate with few arguments and they will listen to the gospel and feel the love his sacrifice conveys.

    From then on if they are not saved walls start going up. Excuses start to build as to why they should not change. Personality types and un-forgiveness and the struggles of life, or as Jesus says the sun beats down on the path and the rocks and birds and the cares of life spoil the seed.

    We are exactly to go out to the hiways and biways and compel people. That means we might have to move every rock in the field and toss it away. to save some. To Jews we become as Jews and to another we become like the other so we can save some.

    We go teaching into all the world not to the world that will listen with no resistance. It could just be that laziness and the cares of this world get into the heart of the harvesters and we should pray for the slackers who love the world more than the things of God. Maybe the issue is that some who say do not argue are using a scripture that really means bicker to avoid any work themselves. If called to give their lives, it might be they gave nothing and want to give nothing. Maybe a No effort Christianity is what they preach. Maybe they like Atheists need saving.

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