Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Gospel of Philip?

Friend of the podcast and cold case detective, J. Warner Wallace, writes about the Gospel of Philip. Why is it that we find the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John reliable, but not Philip?

Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Gospel of Philip?

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2 thoughts on “Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Gospel of Philip?

  1. The reason Philip is not a actual true gospel is because it is a persons commentary after the fact. It has a lot of attempts of logic to create teaching but it doesn’t have insight in where that logic would take you if anywhere.
    Its clear that the book references some of the teachings of Jesus but does not use them in the way Jesus did. That is a no-no.
    A benefit of having this book is that it by proxy authenticates at least two books, both Matthew from at least chapters 13-20 without even doing a close analysis and chapters from John like John 15. or John 1 etc. John 6 , Rev 2,

    The real Philip would have a whole lot more first hand understanding of what Jesus said and would have quoted so that their would be more authority in what he said. It reminds me of the statement where it says, Jesus spoke as one who has authority and not like the scribes and Pharisees. They were commentators and spectators. This writing of Philip puts the writer at a greater distance than the original Philip. So its pretty obvious this is not a gospel writer but a commentator.

    This book also totally distorts the virgin birth and calls the spirit of God a female. He also suggests that Jesus was born because of Joseph.

    Thats just a start why this should not be considered biblical or instructive in the growth of a christian or for christian doctrine.
    Its very likely this was written by a christian Jew with some real creativity but also some contempt for the biblical writers. We have a lot of those sorts today as well. And I totally love creativity, but their work should be censured and marked as un-biblical and only ones personal commentary with obvious flaws in logic and interpretation, but worth keeping because it refers to the bible and is an early document.

    Anyone with any significant knowledge of the bible will see where this writer borrows and will also see the poor quality of enlightened understanding of the texts they are trying to process for spiritual gain. And this is strange. You would think that someone with such creativity would have the ability to perceive the gospel message and be on track. And I remember God has hid things from some and likely more so for those who would attempt to create their own gospel and pass it off as authentic. (that is, if this is what that person attempted to do.)

    So my professional Christian Position is that this book of Philip is not biblical.


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