7 Fatal Flaws of Moral Relativism

Here is a good article that exposes moral relativism as self-defeating. Of course, I do not agree with the “divine command theory” approach to morality that is proposed by the author, but the critique of moral relativism was worth sharing.

The seven fatal flaws of moral relativism | Wintery Knight

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3 thoughts on “7 Fatal Flaws of Moral Relativism

  1. Wintery Knight is incompetent with his arguments as usual.

    “1.Moral relativists can’t accuse others of wrongdoing.”

    Yep, we can.

    “2.Relativists can’t complain about the problem of evil.”

    Yep, we can.

    “3. Relativists can’t place blame or accept praise.”

    Yep, we can.

    “4. Relativists can’t make charges of unfairness or injustice.”

    Yep, we can.

    “5.Relativists can’t improve their morality.”

    Yep, we can.

    “6. Relativists can’t hold meaningful moral discussions.”

    Yep, we can.

    “7.Relativists can’t promote the obligation of tolerance.”

    Yep, we can.

    As usual, WK ignores reality in his desperation to attack atheists.

    Christians certainly are desperate to try to make baseless claims about people. That Christians have changed their own morality in the face of reality repeatedly with their ever-changing interpretations makes them liars when they claim that their morals are objective.

    There are indeed rules, and humans make them and enforce them. These rules change as we grow and realize that there are no gods demanding that some people be treated better than others. What Christians and other theists can’t answer is why would objective morals be preferable to subjective ones if the morals are vile to begin with? “


  2. Yep, you can, indeed, although it may not be wise to build one’s house on quicksand. False assumptions (e.g. God doesn’t exist) can’t help but lead to false conclusions.

    Reason tells us that either God has always existed or the universe has always existed. Science tells us it’s not the universe. The Creator of the universe (or multiverses if you prefer) has not remained silent but has revealed himself throughout history through numerous prophets and ultimately through his Son, Jesus of Nazareth who taught that the basis of all morality is love: love of our Creator and love of our neighbor. He even taught us to love our enemies. Is this so vile? Jesus also warned the Pharisees who thought that they were obeying God’s absolute morality that they were white-washed tombs: dead on the inside while wanting to be seen as pure as freshly-fallen snow on the outside. As one Hebrew prophet put it, “All of our righteousness is as filthy rags.” Think spoiled diapers.

    Bottom line: The existence of God’s moral standards are meant for our good, yet we ignore them to our own peril. Those who are in the greatest danger are those who believe that they are obeying God’s will for them to live perfectly loving lives. Those whose names are being celebrated in Heaven are those who confess that they aren’t and have a desire to change their hearts from “My will be done” to “Thy will be done.”

    If one chooses to be a Relativist, I say “Go all the way!” Be an Absolute Relativist. After all, everything is absolutely relative to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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