27 Times Paul Proved He Knew About the Historical Jesus

Conspiracies abound on the internet. One that gives me a good laugh is the idea that Jesus didn’t exist. You won’t find it in academics, but for some reason it is pretty popular among uneducated atheists on the internet. These “mythicists” make the strangest claims like “Paul knew nothing about the historical Jesus.” Paul only knew about the heavenly Christ, after all he didn’t see a physically risen Jesus, he only had a vision. Okay buddy, we’ll see how that holds up. Erik Manning lists 27 times Paul references Jesus as a real, physical, historical person.

27 Times Paul Proved He Knew About the Historical Jesus


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One thought on “27 Times Paul Proved He Knew About the Historical Jesus

  1. Yes, In the archives of the Vatican lays the original death warrant signed by Pontius Pilate. The Romans were Meticulous in keeping records and the consequences for error to those writing and keeping those records safe and a accurate were harsh.
    And this is just some of the Eathly evidence.
    When we receive the Holy Spirit we can also receive the evidence of our faith when we persist and persevere through our walk in Jesus. Amen


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