12 Reasons to Trust the New Testament

Bob Perry, guest writing at Cross Examined, gives us 12 reasons to trust the New Testament. He argues that the New Testament is historically reliable and can be corroborated as true.

12 Reasons to Trust the New Testament


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3 thoughts on “12 Reasons to Trust the New Testament

  1. This is a classic example of setting out to “prove” something you already believe, with or without concomitant research or data. This has been a hallmark of Christianity almost since the very beginning. You provide no evidence of anything you propose except to say that there is evidence of it.

    So you believe that Jesus was, in fact, born of a virgin when we know that isn’t even the correct translation of the Hebrew word “almah.” This is another famous hallmark of Christianity: intentionally misquoting or translating the Hebrew Bible in order to make it corroborate with Christian scripture. This is certainly mythology.

    There is no record of any census taken at the time of Jesus, and certainly no one under Roman rule ever had to return to their “homeland,” wherever that would be. I wonder, where would you go if the US government had you return to your homeland of 1,000 years before? Another example of mythology.

    Of course, there’s no such place as Arimathea, never has been. It doesn’t show up on any maps from any time. Pure mythology.

    You are forcing your faith and forcing “facts” where there are none. You entire premise is specious.

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  2. “If you claim to believe the Bible, you better be able to trust that what it says is true.”

    I think this kind of zero-sum game playing is dangerous for a person with faith. The Bible is littered with historical inaccuracies, rewrites, additions and amendments. This includes both the New and Old Testaments. When we incorrectly place the Bible above all other authority within Christianity, even legitimate academic study, we beat ourselves into silly arguments about why we have two different genealogies of Jesusor whether or not this and that bath actually existed. The entire purpose of the text is lost in playing games with people like RaPaR above who rightly point out issues, and demand a discussion on the Bible on the level of intellectualism you are purporting to stand on. The problem is that you have no legs because the book is not intellectually important, it is spiritually important and not just for Christianity but for Judaism and Islam as well.

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