Why Does the Universe Exist?

There’s only a few options when it comes to the explanation of the universe: (1) The universe came from nothing, (2) something, (3) created itself, or (4) has no cause. Three of the four are ridiculous and even logically impossible. That the universe had a cause outside space, time, and matter should be clear.

Why Does the Universe Exist?


Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

7 thoughts on “Why Does the Universe Exist?

  1. I would actually argue that there is another option and that, in fact, none of the four you provide here make any sense.

    The fifth option, which DOES make sense, is that the universe did not “come into existence” at all.

    If one believes that Time is past-infinite, this is trivial to see. However, even if one believes Time is past-finite, this still remains true. If Time is past-finite, then there is a first moment of Time. The universe existed in that first moment of Time and in all subsequent moments, and there are no moments prior to the first. Therefore, the universe was literally never non-existent, even if Time is past-finite.


    1. My fourth option literally says “has no cause” which you just labeled as a fifth option? The universe was “literally never non-existent”, yet could have a “first moment”??? A = Not A.


      1. I presumed “has no cause” to be indicative of those who believe that the universe came into existence but who deny the Principle of Sufficient Reason, or some similar analogue.

        I’m saying that the universe did not “come into existence” at all.

        For the sake of argument, let’s agree that Time is past-finite. That necessarily implies that there was a first moment of Time.

        Can we agree that, if there is a first moment of time, then there are no moments of Time which precede the first? After all, if there were moments preceding it, it would not be the first, right? There is no such thing as “before the first moment of Time.”

        Now, the view of both Classical Theology and modern cosmology is that Time is a physical thing and a part of the universe. On both these views, Time does not precede the universe.

        Therefore, the universe has literally existed for all time, and there was literally never a time in which the universe did not exist.


      2. Time follows upon motion, which follows upon matter, and is physical in that sense. Without matter and motion there would be no time. I’m saying there was a “time” when there was no matter, otherwise we would be stuck with an actual infinite number of physical events which I find to be impossible. I know that is disputed. My point to your first response was that if Time has a first moment, it must have a beginning, and not be past-infinite. To posit “no cause” at this point would be the same as saying it “came into existence from nothing,” as far as I can tell. Thanks for your well-thought response (sincerely).


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