3 Times Archaeology Has Confirmed the Gospels and Shut the Mouths of Skeptics

Erik Manning drops some archaeological facts that confirm claims made in the Gospels. Unlike other religions, Christianity is rooted in history, and as such, can be falsified.

3 Times Archaeology Has Confirmed the Gospels and Shut the Mouths of Skeptics


Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

8 thoughts on “3 Times Archaeology Has Confirmed the Gospels and Shut the Mouths of Skeptics

  1. So what?
    Ian Fleming makes references to London and other real geographic locations in his James Bind novels, yet no one in their right mind will claim that Bond was a real historical figure, so why would you think these finds lend any credence whatsoever that the character Jesus of Nazareth the god man as portrayed in the gospels was a real historical figure?

    The term you are looking for is historical fiction.


  2. By the way, Haden, just reminding you that you mentioned you were writing a blog piece with evidence that would soon be published.
    How close are you to finishing and presenting this piece on your site?


      1. I should hope you DO a lot more research than Wiki.
        Good grief! I mean, you wouldn’t dedicate your life to the character Yahweh/Jesus of Nazareth based on Wiki, and of course, faith alone simply won’t cut it.

        LIke me, you need evidence, yes?

        However, you did say you were going to do this post/(or perhaps a series of posts?) in a week or so and that was a fortnight back.
        Are you planning to speed read these books?
        I would be very interested to know the names of some of titles you have in your ”stack” as I might read a couple of them as well. (if I haven’t already that is.)
        That way we can compare notes, you might say.
        Which title/s do you recommend I start with?
        Preferably not books by McDowell or that halfwit Strobel, please.


      2. It must be convenient dismissing everyone that disagrees with you as a “half-wit”. Because you’ve labeled them a half-wit, now you don’t have to deal with their arguments. Just apply that methodology to anyone that presents counter-arguments and you will never have to critically examine your own beliefs. Enjoy your bubble. You’re welcome to continue commenting on my blog, but I will no longer be responding. Best of luck!


      3. I label Strobel as a half-wit as he was intellectually dishonest in his presentation of so-called ”evidence.”

        I relish counter arguments.
        But without evidence they have the life expectancy of a chocolate kettle on a hot plate.

        Your aversion of confronting the shortcomings of your faith-based beliefs are evident with pretty much every post.

        If you begin with a blank slate and then follow where the evidence leads your understanding will be vastly different.


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