No, miracles do not violate the laws of nature

David Hume made a famous argument against miracles. Little known, some of his contemporaries refuted him. Better known, C.S. Lewis took him to task in his book miracles. Erik Manning, in this article, does a good job of laying out the issue and providing an answer.

No, miracles do not violate the laws of nature


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4 thoughts on “No, miracles do not violate the laws of nature

  1. Lewis was the misguided oaf who coined the pithy Liar, Lunatic, Lord, argument, quite forgetting, of course, there was at least one more option with an ‘L’ and others that began with different letters of the alphabet. so it would be foolish to go by anything Lewis had to say.

    However, I suppose uttering up a prayer to your god to find your lost car keys and when they em>suddenly appear on the coffee table I suppose one could call a miracle. However, this begs the question why your god is either indifferent or impotent to save the lives tens of thousands of children under 5 that die each year from preventable diseases?
    Perhaps he’s watching the ball game?

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  2. You may also want to do more research into the beliefs, non beliefs and outright heresies of cs Lewis before invoking his support of Christian doctrine or practice.


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