Why Believe the Bible?

How do you know the Bible is God’s word? Even if the history recorded in the Bible checks out, how do you know the miracles recorded actually happened? Here’s a great article by Dr. Doug Potter from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Why Believe the Bible? | Dr. Doug Potter


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One thought on “Why Believe the Bible?

  1. Atheism; now there’s an interesting topic. I’ve had to deal with a few Atheists in the past week, and it wasn’t a delightful experience. Seems they (or at least, the ones I’ve experienced) can’t discuss Religion, God, Jesus, the Holy Bible, or faith without verbally attacking, cursing, and all sorts of antics, which in my humble Christian opinion, is irrational. Now, if I wasn’t a Christian and solid in my faith, I would have retaliated in the same manner. However, I take my lesson in dealing with them from Christ himself. When Christ was tempted by Satan after having been baptized by John, he combated him with scripture. He didn’t use his power, nor summon angels to his rescue, he fought him with scripture. Whether or not one is successful at bringing them (Atheists / non-believers) to the Cross is really between their hearts and Jesus. Sometimes we have to make a decision to cut our loses and move on, saying a little prayer for them as we go. What a terrible shame (in my humble Christian opinion) to go through life without faith in God, or believing life on Earth is all there is to it; when we die, so does our spirit. With that mindset, what’s the point. But, as much as I dislike getting cursed and belittled, it’s our (Christians) calling to continue to spread the Gospel to any and all who will lend an ear, whether they choose to accept it or not.

    Blessings unto you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Brother Bill King, Pastor
    Disciples of Christ


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