Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Obvious?

Tom Gilson from The Stream writes about the problem of divine hiddenness. If God wants us to believe in Him, why doesn’t he make himself obvious? Tom gives a great explanation to what God really wants and what people mean when they ask this question.

Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Obvious?


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2 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Obvious?

  1. Mr. Glison states the people (Jews), once seeing Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, tried to run Jesus out of town and to kill Lazarus. This statement is not contained in the John 11, nor anywhere else in the Bible. It states some of the people who witnessed the miracle reported such to the Pharisees, who in turn began to conspire to capture and kill Jesus. Jesus left the town of his own accord, and Lazarus wasn’t threatened with death a second time.

    If we are to relate Biblical passages, messages, and scripture, then let us stick to the script and not modify it so as to make it sound more interesting than it already is.

    Thanks, and may God bless you.

    Brother Bill King, Pastor
    Disciples of Christ

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    1. Yes, rightfully dividing the word is paramount in keeping us from heresy.
      the Bereans were more noble for they investigated the scriptures to know the truth of the matter. They tested the spirits to discern the truth and they knew that scripture always interprets itself with more Holy Scripture. amen

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