The Number of New Testament Textual Variants Doesn’t Matter

Ryan Leasure writes a highly informative article on the differences between New Testament manuscripts. There are over 400,000 variants between New Testament manuscripts. Should this bother us? Read Ryan’s article.

The Number of New Testament Textual Variants Doesn’t Matter


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9 thoughts on “The Number of New Testament Textual Variants Doesn’t Matter

  1. Unfortunately, too many Christians aren’t interested in this and it is too bad that they aren’t because those who wish to discount the Bible, have a field day with us if we are uninformed. I remember studying the subject of texual variants in Bible College.


  2. If one truly has the Holy Spirit indwelling, than in the one, the truth is known. Amen
    Relationship is greater than knowledge.


    1. Without knowledge, there is no relationship. A relationship is, literally, the furtherance of “knowing” each other. You cannot possess the Spirit unless you, in fact, “know”.


      1. How many of us know of the Lord through teachings and learnings compared to how many of us know Him and the power of his resurrection living and breathing within us.
        The love of God surpasses all knowledge.
        There are many people in the world who do not have the capacity to ascertain knowledge of the Lord however they know the Lord and better yet are known by the Lord.


      2. I suppose I could ponder how one could, for the most part, “know through learning”, and another, for the most part, “know by experience”, though, to completely separate the two as if there are those who ONLY are “learned”, and others, being known ONLY through “experience”, is utterly dualistic. One cannot know without experience, and another cannot distinguish experience without first having the capacity to know.

        Further, I would make a slight adjustment to your statement, “the love of God surpasses all knowledge”, with, “the knowledge of God comes before the very distinction of knowledge.”

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      3. I agree with you. However it is our relationship that teaches us and it is our relationship with our God and Savior that saves us.


      4. Let’s take the lessons from the young Aniken Skywalker who’s knowledge and abilities were strong in the force. But as his knowledge grew so did his ego and the dark side swayed him by systematically breaking him down, in effect rejecting the light and embracing the dark and hatred for his perceived enemies and that dark force would have him become Darth Vader, harnessing the negative energy to do that which ought not be done and in effect losing a son forever to the forces of evil.


      5. Well, I do appreciate any Star Wars analogy, but, again, the fall into duality is ever so present in this representation: Good and Evil, Light and Darkness. The absolute notion of “either or”, is, to put it lightly, complete and total fiction. I now hear Maximus the Confessor ringing his bell, stating, “the first thing mankind fell into was not sin, or even death, it was duality”. Pythagorus, as well, stated (paraphrase) that “dualism was the root of evil”, and “that Creation bypassed duality, going from the One (the Monad), and then differentiating into the Three”. The concept of absolute duality is ever so difficult for the “reformed mind” to break out of. Further, it’s only a recent exploration into the modern psyche that has produced the idea that an elevated ego is, in fact, a “bad thing”. We mustn’t forget even Jesus’ own words, “I Am”, which in Greek translates, “egō eimi”.


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