Does it matter that Buddha came before Jesus?

Buddhism pre-dates Christianity! Does it. Not so fast. Remember that Christianity is simply the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Christianity didn’t begin in the fist century A.D. We trace our roots back to Abraham, back to the beginning.

Does it matter that Buddha came before Jesus?


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6 thoughts on “Does it matter that Buddha came before Jesus?

  1. Actually Buddha Shakyamuni is the fourth Buddha there were 3 before him and there will be many afterwards.

    Why do you Christians make and say so many negative things about Buddhists? Did you not take heed when Moses and his commandments said not to bear false witness against others?

    Shame on you all



    1. Luckily, not all believers in Jesus are stuck in a 6000 year subjective narrative of pin the tail on the ancestral timeline. Anyone worth their weight in understanding knows that ALL religion stems from some ever-ancient Perineal Wisdom. If one is honestly seeking, one will undeniably be led to recognize that each major faction of “spiritual truth” is only but a fragment of what was once unified. One could argue that this is the hardest pill to swallow for the under-educated fundamentalist of any sort.

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