Do Denominational Disagreements Falsify Christianity?

If Christianity is true, why are there so many disagreements about what Christians should believe? Does the existence of multiple interpretations, and disagreements among denominations prove Christianity false? J. Warner Wallace answers this common objection.

Do Denominational Disagreements Falsify Christianity?


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12 thoughts on “Do Denominational Disagreements Falsify Christianity?

  1. Thank You For this post! Question for you as I am on a journey through this: do you think that egalitarians and complimentarians can both be on an elder board? They divide over this issue but love God and believe the core values of the Christian faith.


  2. The last prophecy given to us by Jesus as he is was ascending “ As I leave you the wolves are coming to separate you, at all cost keep the peace between you.”
    Keeping peace and loving one another, being tolerant, forbearing one another is the answer to the issue. It’s not what we know or what think we know that brings us together.
    It is knowing Jesus and the Love that surpasses all knowledge that compels is to walk in the Unity of the Spirit.
    He says you will know my followers by their love.


  3. Hello there. This is good writing. I’m on the crossroads, and faith is something that either boggles or fascinates me. I am just new here in WordPress (2 weeks actually), and I also wrote about my take/experience of reading Anne Lamott. Here it is:

    Good job for supporting self-expression through writing. I appreciate it if we follow each other and keep on blogging. Thank you!


  4. In my blog, i recently posted a post titled “Do Calvinists Worship Another Jesus?” I had to conclude that they do because of John Calvin’s doctrine of limited atonement that so many follow and believe today. My Jesus died for all. If your Jesus died for some, then we each worship a different Jesus. Only one Jesus is the true Jesus of the scriptures, though.


    1. Yikes, so if we don’t get everything perfectly right, we’re worshiping a false god? You think your understanding is innerant? I’m no Calvinist, but that seems uncharitable and ungracious.


      1. The Church already had it right. John Calvin deviated from orthodox Church doctrine about the Gospel of Christ. Calvin brought forth a “new trurh” in rhe doctrine of limited atonement that became known a Calvinism.


      2. Calvin deviated from what the church had believed regsrding the Cross. I think it is very important when it comes to essential doctrines like the Trinity and the Cross, which are related to the Gospel of Christ.


      3. 1. Im not a Calvinist
        2. John Calvin did not affirm a limited atonement. If you think he did, leave a citation. I will counter it will passages where Calvin clearly affirms an unlimited atonement. His predecessor, Beza, was the first to affirm Limited Atonement.
        3. Most Calvinists say that Christ died for the sins of the world.


      4. My point is limited atonement was not taught by the early church. It’s not an orthodox doctrine. It was still a “new truth” regardless of which man started it.

        Calvinists believe Christ’s blood only paid for the sins of the elect. They put a limit on the blood of Christ.

        I’m glad you’re not a Calvinist…?


      5. Im glad I’m not either, but there’s no way I’m going to condemn them when they profess with their tongue that Jesus is Lord and believe in theor hearts that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9). In all sincerity, I would highly recommend asking yourself “What is necessary for salvation?” Answering that will keep you from calling a heretic everyone you disagree with.


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