Ep 40 Which Came First: Faith or Regeneration?

Haden looks at the question Which came first: faith or regeneration? Some Calvinists tend to believe that if faith precedes regeneration then people are essentially earning their salvation. Is this true?


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Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

3 thoughts on “Ep 40 Which Came First: Faith or Regeneration?

  1. No, it isn’t true. You are not born again; translated; indwelt with the Holy Spirit…until the moment you believe… that Jesus, who is God, paid the price of salvation for all men.


  2. The question is a bit bigger than faith and regeneration. The greatest question is… who did God create us to be. This is the foundation of Calvinict revelation. He created us spiritualy, in His likeness and image, and breathed into our phyical being His breath. No matter how chirstian doctrine of any age since the time of his resurrection, wants to define chapter three on Genius. The fact of how God is and who He created us to be does not change.

    In order to regenerated something , you have been generated for designed cause in the first … likeness and image of God.
    Redemption and regeneration are parallel thoughts. You can not be regiven a name of athority that was not give to you in the first place.
    Faith is the reality that you where generated, not just a creation, but His creation of His likeness and image and breathed in the first.
    The reality of how God is in His power to regenerate not by our faith in Him, but in His faith in us.


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