You Can’t Just Read the Bible

D. A. Carson explains the potential dangers of reading your Bible without assistance. Of course, no one is saying that you can’t understand the Bible by yourself, only that there is much to be avoided and much to be gained by seeking assistance through the Scriptures.

You Can’t Just Read the Bible | D. A. Carson


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5 thoughts on “You Can’t Just Read the Bible

  1. I love this, I started going to Bible and I get so much out of it because I do need help and it really helped me learn better! Thanks


  2. I disagree with Carson. Teachers are nice, and sometimes helpful, but the Holy Spirit, who is God, gives us understanding of the Scriptures. The “professionals” learned from a man, who learned from another man, who learned from another man…

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    1. How do you judge yourself consistent if on one hand you say you are taught and lead by the holy spirit, but professionals are not? Where in scripture did someone say God does not train professionals by the holy spirit?


      1. I never said that, Stephen. The premise of the article is directed toward “layman” not being able to fully understand the bible without a professional’s help. This is wrong, according to Scripture itself, and will cause people to become dependent upon someone else to do their studying for them.

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  3. I think this is why the Scriptures assume that Christians will be part of a confession community of believers, a community that has teachers and pastors. We must read the Bible carefully and prayerfully for ourselves, and we must be under the discipline of a church and regularly hear the word preached and explained. In these ways, we will have our own ideas tested, and we will need to test what we hear.


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