How do we explain talking donkeys and burning bushes?

In our contemporary scientific era, many find it hard to believe, or scoff at, the idea of miracles. Furthermore, some miracles seem to be less believable than others, like a talking snake or donkey. How do we know these things happened? Is it bad that I sometimes doubt them?

How do we explain talking donkeys and burning bushes?


Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

5 thoughts on “How do we explain talking donkeys and burning bushes?

  1. Mr.Clark, Thank you for posting and sharing this piece. I really like point 3. Which reminds us to look at the world around us. Whenever we take a single miracle out of context and examine it on a singular-linear basis, and attempt to apply our scientific rational methodology, that’s when doubt sets in.

    #1 we are using rational scientific logic which doesnt even apply.
    #2 we are taking one example and examining it on a A-B linear analysis.

    God reminded me on a trip home from a church conference , recently, as I stared out the window- lighting was striking on/off in the distance, large black luminous clouds gathered, and as I pondered the very question of the title/event, the ‘burning bush’ and how Moses must of felt so much trepidation, as he experienced and heard God, the Creator, (which if you think about it the trepidation comes from something, someone, one entity having/possessing so much power, and then to be before it, as the Divine speaks to you, well that’s just alot to handle) and so as I pondered this… He impressed on my heart..

    ‘The next time you want to doubt in prayer about a miracle you need, or anything for that matter, or whether the accounts are true in the Bible, all you have to do is take a deep breath ,go outside and look up.. look at the moon son, look at the stars, look at the heavens and earth, all this I created to be a living breathing testimony of what I the CREATOR can do, and have done- I have made the impossible POSSIBLE.. yet so many still dont believe. they still doubt. ‘

    After this sentiment, I couldnt agree more with God. ‘Wow, you are sure right God. You made the impossible possible. ‘ And ever since then I have been testifying about this experience to tell other the story, of how to shred their doubt, how to shred their disbelief, besides, all things all possible. Talking donkeys are impossible only until one speaks to you, sacred secrets are rich treasures and gifts to those who possess the FAITH and BELIEF in ALMIGHTY GOD.

    blessings to all


  2. oopps.. sorry, monumentous massess like planets, hanging in mid air? that’s a miracle. The extraordinary way and depth of just our galaxy, in itself contains unlimited miracles, let alone to contemplate the unknown number of galaxies and size of other planets, and such… just toooo much!!!



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  4. Well said! The question was quite thoroughly answered and reminds me of a C.S. Lewis quote, “ someday you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” Childlike faith tends to fade away with age, just as the reality we see takes precedence over the one we don’t. But if we can uncover the truth which is that the one we don’t see is in fact ‘more’ real…maybe then nothing would seem impossible.


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