Four Things Christians Should Understand About Islam

This was a neat and informative article about Islam written from the perspective of a Christian American veteran who served in Iraq.

Four Things Christians Should Understand About Islam

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Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

2 thoughts on “Four Things Christians Should Understand About Islam

  1. That blog you are referring to lists or want Muslims to believe that all christians would take Jesus to be God, which is not so. Real Christians do worship only One true God, the God of Jesus, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, Who is the unseen God of israel Who is an all-knowing Eternal Spirit Being, whilst Jesus is a man of flesh and blood who did not know everything and as the sent one from God, put his own will aside to do the will of God, giving himself to God as a ransom price for the sins of all people.

    Like most pepole who contradict Biblical Truth and want to put up people against each other, there was no way to reply on the article. at least we do hope here shall be a rectifying reply possible.


  2. The comment before mine shows very clearly the confusion when Christians and Muslims do not take the time to understand one another’s premises. For a Christian, heresies are evident in said comment. For a Muslim, not so likely. The Qu’ran and the Bible (putting aside Jews for this moment, I refuse to try speaking as Jewish) differ in many ways. Of course both faiths, broadly speaking, could accuse each other of contradicting “Biblical Truth.” Their respective scriptures do not line up neat and tidy.

    I’m thankful for this article you curated, Haden. It’s why my convert-Christian mother won’t make any talk with our Muslim family members an experience such as the post author’s own. You can’t convert a person without understanding what you expected them to convert from.


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