The Gospel of ‘Meh’: The Danger of Apatheism

Erik Manning describes how a large number of people are apathetic to the question of God, or religion. They just don’t care. In my own experience, I believe this is true. How do we motivate people that simply don’t care?

The Gospel of ‘Meh’: Why apatheism is more dangerous to the Christian faith than atheism or other competing worldviews 

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Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

2 thoughts on “The Gospel of ‘Meh’: The Danger of Apatheism

  1. Your messages are good theological arguments. I hope that you have theology students following you.
    I read them when I have time. What I miss in your writing is the unconditional, unrelenting and never ending love of God. I am at the stage that all I can write about is the absolute reassuring love that God has shown me and that others need. He does not turn away when you mess up either.

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